I decided to upgrade my old road bike. Actually, I decided to build quite new bike, starting from a frame. The frame will be made of carbon fiber. There are some instructions on the internet describing how to do it yourself. So, it should not be difficult...or am I mistaken?

I will use tape wrapping methods for laminating with additional vacuum compression by home made manual vacuum pump. First, I will prepare all the tubes in advance and then put them together by glue and fasten with appropriate carbon cloth pieces.

As a template, I will use my old metal frame road bike. Of course, there are some exceptions in geometry. Having tried some smaller sized road bikes I found out the smaller frames suit me better. I will use home made wooden jig to hold old frame, mark the position of the bb shell, front and rear dropouts, angle of the head and seat tubes. If reasonable, tubes will be made little bit longer giving me possibility to adjust their length latter on the jig.

I would like to note that this is ongoing project and will last some time to make my new bike rideable. I have not had any other experiences with carbon or glass fibers material.

The intention of this web is to keep diary for myself and, of course, for any other who might be interested to build his or her own carbon fiber bike. I am not responsible for damage or injuries. If you have any comments or questions feel free to ask or leave a message. Enjoy!